Recipe: How to be a Contestant on The Price Is Right

Price is Right Study

Study, Study, and Study Some More

I just joked around about my Price is Right training. I chose not to take it seriously, but it's probably a good idea to to peruse a grocery store. You can also guarantee that some sort of household appliance will be on the show as well as a pair of cars. What you can't predict are the golf carts, the large clocks, the trips, etc.

Don't find yourself completely unprepared in the audience. While you're sitting on your boat another audience member might be memorizing price lists. I'm absolutely not serious about this.

Craig Ferguson Show

Prior to the taping of your Price is Right Episode:

Conveniently bump into a spunky lady that was a former contestant on the show (winner of a washer and dryer). This lady will share all the ins and outs of the Game Show and the Producer's Interview Process giving you the upper hand over the average audience member.

For me, I met this lady while waiting in line for the Craig Ferguson Show. We happened to strike up a conversation which obviously led to my excitement about the Price is Right the following day.

VW Golf

Take a Power Nap prior to camping out in front of CBS Studios.

You don't want your reflexes to be dulled during fast-paced Pricing Games. Camping out on the sidewalk is a committment that you do not want to take lightly.

I chose to crawl into my hatchback and doze off for what turned out to be a couple of minutes. A couple of steamy, sweaty minutes. It turned out I was perspiring Price is Right Excitement from all of my pores.

Alarm Clock

Don't forget to set your alarm clock.

The last thing you want to be doing while audience members are being called to "come on down" is sleeping. Don't snooze. Don't unplug. Don't toss it across your room. Just wake up.

My alarm clock was rather irrelevant because my sleep was of the restless variety. You can't contain the sort of exceitement the Price is Right invokes.

Price is Right T-shirt

Have a Snappy T-Shirt

This is hardly required, but it surely doesn't hurt.

All I did was take a shirt that I had, added a little duct tape, and BOOM, you've got yourself a nice shirt to wear to the Price is Right. I took care of this little project while sitting on the Price is Right sidewalk. But, like I mentioned, it's not necessary, most of the people called up when I was there were just wearing regular shirts.

Peeing Outside

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

If you plan on camping out in front of the CBS Studios you must be prepared for numerous difficulties. Check the weather. Go to the Bathroom before you leave for the Studio. And be sure to have some sort of comfortable sitting apparatus.

For Beth and I - we chose a combination of sleeping bags and thermarests. S'mores were brought along for nourishment. Cards for entertainment.

And D - Price is Right

You'll have plenty of time so enjoy it.

If you end up being the first people in line you're going to have a lot of time sitting/lying/sleeping on the sidewalk, so enjoy it.

Beth and I chose to lightly roast marshmallows over a BBQ lighter. The s'mores were delicious and I slowly but surely made duct tape letters on my favorite t-shirt. At this point I was at "and D"

And Drew

Be sure not to start something you can't finish.

You don't want to go into the Price is Right audience with a shirt that no one understands. Well, maybe you can still make that funny. Go with your gut feeling on this one, but simple is usually better.

See, check out my "And Drew". It makes perfect sense with the cheesing of Wisconsin.

Price is Right Priority Pass

Get your Price is Right Priority Pass

This is what you get for all those hours of sitting outside. Well worth it, I assure you.

Price is Right Breakfast

Consume a Well Balanced, Fully Greased Breakfast.

Even with that nap, there's a pretty good chance that you're going to be a little sleepy for the show. You absolutely do not want to be sleepy and hungry. You'll just find yousefl getting grouchy.

Beth and I stumbled upon Norm's. Greasy - Check. Loads and loads of food - check.

Beth and I

After Breakfast it's back to CBS Studios for pictures.

You get a nice variety of backdrops, and they give you complete creative control over what pose you do. I chose the "after shave on that kid from Home Alone" pose.

This is where you want to look your best - you know your parents are going to be buying mouse pads, coffee mugs, and posters with your smiling face on it.

Question Marks

This ain't your ordinary interview.

After everyone is filed through the picture booth they herd the cattle to another benched area where you'll line up to be interviewed by the Producers.

It's probably best to just be yourself. Like I know? I just giggled, laughed, and made a lot of eye contact.

Drew Carey - Price is Right

Play your cards right.......

And you might just find yourself staring up at Drew Carey from cnotestant's row. One thing is for sure, you won't hear "insert your name Come on Down" because it's so loud in there that they have people up on stage with cue cards that let the audience know who's supposed to go up to the stage. So, hopefully you know how to read.